Arrow Tool for greater feedback emphasis

Mar 20, 2023

Hey everyone. we wanted to let you know that Superflow now has an arrow annotation tool.

With it, you can point to the exact pixel where you need something changed and add a comment for good measure.

Also, you can point to more than one pixel and point them wherever you need them.

And here's the best part: using the arrow tool is so easy, you'll never have to worry about the frustration of not knowing how or when to use it.”

Arrow Annotation Tool Can Make Your Feedback More Effective

  • Get your point across with precision! Superflow's arrow annotation tool lets you target exactly the element or area of the page you need to give feedback on, making sure it doesn't get lost in translation.

How Superflow’s Arrow Tool Works:

  • Start by clicking on the arrow tool icon in the Superflow toolbar.
  • Once you click on an area a premade arrow will be dropped in that location.
  • You can adjust the arrow’s length & orientation by dragging the back of the arrow.
  • Adjust the location of the arrow by moving the tip somewhere else.

It’s simple to use the arrow feature - Whether you're a designer, web developer, or writer, Superflow is simple to use and makes giving detailed feedback a breeze. Keep track of all your conversations in one central place.