Flock Mode follow along with your collaborators

Apr 18, 2023

Superflow Multiplayer Flock mode 🦅💻🤩

Birds of a feather flock together. That's the idea here with Superflow's newest Flock Mode.

Superflow's Flock mode lets you guide guests, clients, and your team through your website in real-time.

Perfect for collaborative design reviews & brainstorming. Similar to Figma's follow along feature, but on your actual product.

We are striving to make virtual collaboration experiences as close as in-person collaboration.

To make this more real, you can also see the user’s live video stream with their face emotions right next to the UI they are explaining.

What Flock Mode does:

1. Follow every action: You click on a person's avatar to view and follow their activities in the app, ex: scroll, navigation, clicks, etc. It adapts to differences in screen sizes and content automagically!

2. Vital context <> emotion mapping: Users can start a live video huddle with a video bubble attached to their cursor. If they point to something, others can see their face and emotions right next to the thing they are pointing to.Users can pass control to lead the session in a click.

3. Users can pass control to lead the session in a click.

How it Superflow's Flock Mode works:

  • When there are multiple users on the same project, just click on one of the user’s avatar.
  • You’ll now start following their every movement on the website.
  • Parties are informed that they are leading or following a specific user.
  • Disband follow mode at any moment with a simple click.

What could you use Flock Mode for?

Flock mode is Superflow’s newest feature that allows a user to watch as someone else interacts with their website. It can be useful in several situations, such as:

1. Collaborative Design: Follow along style mode is useful for teams of designers or writers working together on a single project. It allows them to see each other's work in real-time and get a better understanding of each other's thought processes.

2. Design Reviews: An enhanced screen-sharing experience can be used to guide teammates or guests through design projects and websites.

3. Learning and Training: A follow mode can be used as a teaching tool or to help peers learn new techniques and best practices, especially in remote learning environments.