How to Install Superflow with Squarespace

Apr 27, 2023

Install Superflow with Squarespace: Boost Your Design Workflow

If you're a designer or part of a creative team, you know how important smooth communication and collaboration are to the success of your projects.

Today, we'll introduce you to Superflow, an incredible annotation tool for web design feedback, and Squarespace, a popular website-building platform.

We'll show you how integrating Superflow with Squarespace can be a game-changer for your team and clients. So, let's dive in!

Step-by-step guide on how to install Superflow with Squarespace

No need to worry; we've got your back! Follow these simple steps to integrate Superflow with Squarespace, and don't forget to check out the screenshots to make things even easier.

Step 1: Sign Up for Superflow

Start by signing up for a Superflow account and choose Squarespace as your platform of choice during the setup process.

Step 2: Copy Your Squarespace Website URL
Locate your Squarespace website URL and copy it. Next, paste the URL into Superflow's project creation page to verify the site you want to integrate.

Step 3: Obtain the Superflow Code Snippet

Superflow will provide you with a unique code snippet. Copy this snippet and get ready to head over to your Squarespace settings.

Step 4: Access Squarespace's Code Injection Section

In your Squarespace site settings, go to Developer Tools, and then click on Code Injections. This is where you'll be able to connect Superflow with your Squarespace site.

Step 5: Paste the Code Snippet and Save Changes

Paste the Superflow code snippet into the Footer Code Injection box. Save your changes to complete the integration process.

Step 6: Publish Your Squarespace Website and Test

If you haven't already, publish your Squarespace website to make the changes go live. Return to Superflow, click "Next," and use the Test button to confirm the successful integration. If you face any issues, try performing a hard refresh to resolve them.

Superflow features and how they address key pain points in design feedback

Let's face it; vague feedback, never-ending message chains, and juggling multiple tools can be the bane of our creative existence. Superflow swoops in to save the day by addressing these pain points head-on. Here's how:

  • Pinpoint comments: Say goodbye to ambiguity! Leave precise comments directly on your website for crystal-clear feedback.
  • Recordings: Capture your thoughts in real-time with video recordings to share with your team.
  • Live huddles: Collaborate with your team on-the-fly during live sessions.
  • Flock mode: Guide users through your site like a well-choreographed dance.
  • ChatGPT AI Copilot: Need help with copy? Let the AI assist you in crafting the perfect message.

Streamlining workflows with Superflow and Squarespace integration

Now that you're all set with Superflow and Squarespace, let's explore how this dynamic duo can streamline your workflows and take your projects to new heights:

  • Scenario 1: Rapid Design IterationsPicture a team working on a landing page design. With Superflow's pinpoint comments and live huddles, designers and copywriters can easily collaborate to iterate on design elements and copy without sifting through endless email chains.
  • Scenario 2: Efficient Client FeedbackImagine a web design agency presenting a new site layout to a client. By using Superflow's video recording feature, clients can clearly express their thoughts and suggestions while navigating the site. This visual feedback helps the design team understand the client's needs and make revisions with precision and efficiency.
  • Scenario 3: Onboarding New Team MembersEnvision a marketing team expanding and bringing in new members. Superflow's flock mode allows experienced team members to guide newcomers through the website, explaining various elements and design decisions. This interactive approach accelerates the onboarding process and ensures everyone is on the same page.

Well, there you have it! Integrating Superflow with Squarespace is a fantastic way to boost collaboration, productivity, and communication within your team.

By addressing key pain points and offering a suite of powerful features, Superflow can truly revolutionize your design process.