Live Commenting, the coolest way to annotate websites! πŸ₯ΆπŸ‘

Nov 1, 2022

Hey there, guess what? Superflow just dropped a bombshell of a new feature - Live Comment directly on your website! No more wasting time with vague screenshots and endless message chains. Now, you and your team can annotate and collect feedback in a snap. And if that wasn't enough, your guests can get in on the action too! That's right, everyone can comment on any element on your website. So let's say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity. It's time to point everyone in the right direction!

Comment on Websites πŸ—£οΈ

  • Get feedback on your website by letting people leave comments on live elements!
  • It's like having your own personal focus group right on your website.

Using this feature is simple:


Step 1: Click on the Comment Icon in the toolbar.

Step 2: Select the element on the page where you want to add a comment.

Step 3: Type your comment and click the "Publish" button.



What is Superflow's Live Comment feature?

Superflow's Live Comment feature is an innovative tool that allows users to provide feedback and annotations directly on their website, improving collaboration and communication.

How does Live Comment work?

Live Comment works by enabling users to leave comments directly on any element on their website. Other users can then reply or add their own comments, creating a real-time feedback loop.

Can teams and guests use Live Comment to leave feedback on a website?

Yes, Live Comment can be used by teams and guests alike, making it an effective tool for gathering feedback and improving collaboration.

What problems does Live Comment solve?

Live Comment solves the problem of vague screenshots and endless message chains, allowing users to provide feedback directly on the website element they want to discuss.

Is it included in my plan?

Yes, Live Comment is included in all Superflow plans, providing users with unlimited commenting on their projects.

Does it work on all browsers?

Yes, Superflow's commenting feature is compatible with all browsers and includes mobile support, ensuring that users can access and use the tool on any device.