🤫 Shhh... Private Comments for internal website feedback.

Dec 5, 2022

Guess what? Superflow's got your back for those hush-hush conversations! Introducing private comments - the oh-so-cool way to keep your secrets safe while sharing feedback with only the chosen few, your teammates. Let the sneaky collabs begin! 🕵️♀️🤫🔏

Private Comments 👀

  • Leave private comments visible to team members only.
  • Set external comments for guests
  • Set private comments for the team

Sharing private comments

Step 1: Type your comment or select an existing comment

Step 2: Mark it as private for internal viewing, and hit "Publish."


Are private comments included in all Superflow plans?

No, private comments are currently only available in the Agency Pro plan.

What are private comments in Superflow, and how do they work?

Private comments in Superflow allow users to leave comments that are only visible to team members. This feature is ideal for those who need to have private conversations about a project, without guests or clients seeing the discussion. Guests can see any comment tagged for external view.

How can private comments in Superflow benefit my team?

Private comments in Superflow can benefit teams in several ways. Firstly, they provide a secure and confidential way for team members to communicate about sensitive issues or projects. Additionally, private comments can help to streamline collaboration and reduce the number of back-and-forth messages between team members. By keeping the discussion focused and targeted, private comments can help to save time and increase productivity.