How to Install Superflow with Shopify

Apr 20, 2023

Superflow Meets Shopify

Have you ever wished that your design feedback process could be almost as smooth as your morning coffee routine? Say hello to Superflow, the swiftest annotation tool for web page design feedback, which is here to bring that dream to life! And what's more, it's now ready to buddy up with Shopify. 🚀

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create and run their online stores, making it the perfect platform for web designers and developers to showcase their work. By combining the power of Superflow with Shopify, you can take your design feedback process to the next level and enjoy a seamless, efficient workflow.

Superflow is like having a superpower that helps you conquer vague feedback, endless message chains, and juggling multiple tools. It's a delightful solution for professionals in design, marketing, software development, or product management roles who want to streamline their workflows and enjoy a sprinkle of efficiency in their lives.

Installing Superflow with Shopify: A Step-by-Step Guide

Fear not, dear reader! Installing Superflow with Shopify is as easy as pie. We'll guide you through each step and even share some potential pitfalls (and how to avoid them). Ready to start the adventure? Let's go!

  1. Sign up for Superflow and select Shopify as your platform option.
  2. Copy your Shopify website URL and paste it into Superflow’s project creation page to verify where you want to install.
  3. Copy the Superflow provided code snippet. Then in Shopify, navigate to your theme editor and select "Theme Actions" > "Edit Code". In the tab Sections, select footer.liquid. 'Find' the </footer> line, then Paste the code snippet into line above, then save changes. Publish your Shopify website to ensure the changes are live.
  4. In Superflow, click "Next," then try the Test button. If you encounter any issues, make sure to hard refresh your pages.

The Perks of Pairing Superflow with Shopify

Think of Superflow and Shopify as the dynamic duo of website design feedback and e-commerce. They're here to help you:

  1. Boost collaboration: Whether you're a designer, marketer, developer, or product manager, Superflow makes it easy to work together and gather feedback directly on your Shopify site.
  2. Save time: With task assignment, commenting, and file sharing features, Superflow will give you a great design feedback process, so you can spend more time on, well, anything else!
  3. Stay organized: Seamlessly integrate Superflow with task management tools like ClickUp, Slack, and Asana, and manage your tasks in one neat little package. Say goodbye to messy workflows!

Real-Life Examples: Superflow and Shopify in Action

Need more convincing? Check out these real-life examples of Superflow and Shopify working their magic:

Example 1: Clear Feedback from Multiple Stakeholders

One design team was struggling with receiving clear feedback from multiple stakeholders on their Shopify website redesign. With Superflow, they were able to invite all stakeholders to leave pinpoint comments directly on the website, making it easy for the team to understand the feedback and make design decisions accordingly. They were so pleased with the outcome that they joked that Superflow was like having a secret weapon in their design arsenal.

Example 2: Efficient Workflow for Design Revisions

A user of Superflow was working on a complex web design project and was struggling with managing multiple feedback channels and keeping track of tasks. With Superflow's seamless integration with task management tools like ClickUp, Slack, and Asana, the user was able to manage all their tasks in one place, making it easy to stay organized and on top of their workflow. The user was so impressed with the impact that Superflow had on their productivity that they wrote a heartfelt testimonial, calling Superflow a game-changer for their workflow.

In summary, Superflow and Shopify are the ultimate power couple. They make web designing feedback a breeze, boost collaboration, save time, and keep you organized. So why not give it a try? Jump into the Superflow and Shopify universe and see the difference for yourself.

Happy Superflowin’ and may your Shopify experience be forever supercharged! 🎉