Ghost Comments: Like Lost Socks, But Easier to Find 🤭🧦

Mar 13, 2023

Your Comments: Like Lost Socks, But Easier to Find 🤭🧦

Admin users are in for a treat - we've added a priority option!  That means you can finally take control of your tasks and manage them like a boss. No more drowning in a sea of comments - just give 'em a priority level and let the magic happen!

Add Priority ☑

You can now assign a priority to any comment - old or new - with just a few clicks!

New comments
  • P0 represents the highest priority.
  • P1 lies in the middle.
  • P2 is not as important but still needs attention.
Existing comments
  • Let your team know what’s more important.

Sidebar ⇥

This week we're continuing our quest to give Superflow a team cohort collaborative boost! 🌎💜

Comment count
  • You can count them like 1-2-3, or…
  • Preferred method 👉 Filters: status, pages, people.
Comment groups
  • Group your comments: pages, people.
  • By default, the sidebar groups your comments by the pages they were added on.

Ghost comments 👻

We know websites change faster than a chameleon changes colors. Don't worry, we've got your color changing back! If we can't find the original element that the comment was tied to, we’ll:

1. Show you a disclaimer in the sidebar.

2. Show it on the website:

  • When you visit the comment link
  • When you click on the comment  sidebar
  • By default, in some scenarios where it makes sense.

UX Fixes

We're on a mission to build the fastest way to iterate and ship your website. To this end, we push UX Enhancements weekly. If you have feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Share your ideas with us on slack and have a voice in the Superflow journey!


  • Consistent menus: Comment more menu, status menu, and priority menus are more consistent now in terms of click targets and UI.
  • Assign to: This UX has improved significantly compared to the previous experience.