Webflow Integration seamless with Superflow 🌊

Jan 2, 2023

Hey there, 3.2 million Webflow designers (including you, perhaps)! Wanna level up your website game? We've got a native integration for Superflow, just for you. A few cheeky clicks and, poof, your site on Webflow will have the power of contextual feedback! Let your customers be your guide. 💃✨

Integrate with Webflow

  • The WebFlow integration allows you to comment directly on live Webflow UI components and copy.

To use this feature, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Webflow marketplace, select Superflow, and click "Add to site."

Step 2: Add your Webflow URL to the Superflow dashboard

Step 3: Copy the script and add it to the body tag of your website.

With this integration, you can take advantage of the features and benefits of both Superflow and Webflow to enhance your website design process & cut review cycles by 40%.

How it works:

Install SuperFlow on the Webflow marketplace here.

Link your first project: After authorizing, select a Webflow project that you would like to connect to SuperFlow.

Install one line of script: Install one line of script in the custom code section of Webflow.‍

Invite team members: Invite your team members so that you can tag and assign them to tasks.

Write your first comment: Click on the review link to open your project. A toolbar will appear on the bottom right corner. Click on the comment icon to write your first comment.



What is Superflow, and how does it work with Webflow?

Superflow is a contextual feedback tool that helps website owners gather feedback from their customers. It integrates seamlessly with Webflow, allowing website owners to easily add the Superflow widget to their site and start collecting feedback. With Superflow, customers can highlight specific parts of a website and leave feedback, giving website owners valuable insights into what works and what doesn't.

What are the benefits of using Superflow with Webflow?

By using Superflow with Webflow, website owners can gain valuable insights into their customers' needs and preferences. This can help them make informed decisions about design, content, and functionality, ultimately leading to a better user experience and increased customer satisfaction. Additionally, Superflow's contextual feedback tool is easy to use and can be added to a Webflow site with just a few clicks, making it a convenient option for busy website owners.

How can I add Superflow to my Webflow site?

Adding Superflow to your Webflow site is easy. First, sign up for a Superflow account and create a project. Then, follow the instructions provided by Superflow to generate a code snippet. Finally, add the code snippet to your Webflow site using the HTML embed element. Once the code is added, the Superflow widget will appear on your site, and you can start collecting feedback from your customers.