Get client feedback.

Gather feedback from clients on any website you’re designing. Mark up specific items or highlight text for detailed response.

Collaborate faster using video.

Record your screen, webcam & audio. Attach it on any element of the website. Explain anything clearly & effortlessly.

Manage tasks across projects in one place.

Our trello-like task manager lets you move quickly between projects to gauge progress and manage all tasks for your team in one place.
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How it works

Install script tag in website footer.

Copy-paste our custom tag into your site’s footer code. Then simply publish to finish installation.

Turn on review mode.

To initiate review mode add ?review=true to your client's website url. Hit enter & you’ll see a small toolbar pop up on the bottom right of the page, inviting you to login & start leaving comments.

Add comments.

Highlight individual elements such as images, text blocks or specific text phrases for more detailed notes. A comment bubble will appear, and you can start typing.
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Share using a link.

Create a unique URL for each comment. Send this to your client -- when they click on this link, they’ll be sent straight to the comment in question.
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